About Us

About Us

Clean Team toilets

An estimated 20 million Ghanaians do not have a toilet at home.

Clean Team provides safe, affordable in-home toilets for low-income families. Our customers pay a small Monthly fee for the service and we provide the toilet. It's a Swap & Go service. We collect the waste from your house every week in sealed containers and take it away for safe disposal.

We have a service team of 65 Ghanaians serving their community.We currently operate in Kumasi but plan to expand to Accra and other Ghanaian cities in the future.

  • Our vision

    Build a self-sustaining business that provides a clean toilet for every household in Ghana and replicate this across Africa.

  • Our Mission

    We strive to provide a world-class sanitation service to our customers with respect and dignity.

  • Clean Team Ethos

    (1) If clean Team Fails to become a self-sustaining social enterprise the social benefits it brings to the communinity may be lost-we will not let this happen!

    (2)We Serve our customers and their communities by always
    (a) Having Them as the focus for our work
    (b) Striving to improve service value and create a sustainable offering
    (c) Behaving with Respect and Integrity
    (d) Setting a good example- we are Clean Team
    (3) We work as a team whilst Retaining our individual Responsibilities & Accountability
    (4) When we say we will do something we do it as agreed- everytime not sometimes.
    (5) We Think solution not problems: If we need help we ask for it- None of us has all the answers
    (6) If we see something that is not right we take immediate action to address it- Not taking action is not an option.

Clean Team toilets

We Provide
Over Three Thousand Household with Toilets